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My page takes ages to load. I apologize.

By Kawiku


And other times I feel like I should go. by MistyfiesName: Alexandra (or Alex)
-If you aren't a close a friend I would prefer if you called me Smudgestar, Darkstar, Smudgie, Darkeh, or anything else you can come up with c:
And through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies by MistyfiesAge: 14
-Please don't treat me like a kid. I'm 50% cuddles and fun and 50% business. Beware, I can be a bitch.
And other times I feel like I should go. by MistyfiesGender, status, and orientation: Female and straight
-I'm female and straight, and I'm currently taken by the most incredible boyfriend i could ever ask for, since 9/25/13 :heart:
And through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies by MistyfiesGeneral description:
Hey everyone!
I'm a cool person that loves to meet new people. I'm extremely shy (besides around my friends) and akward, and can be a very angry and depressed person, but once you get to know me I'm a care bear! <3 I don't bite much
I've been drawing for as long as I rememeber, but I didn't get serious till I was 11. But I've wanted to be a YouTube animator since I was 8 <3 Hopefully I'll get there someday... I love the color purple, specifically lavender <3
I love to read. Like it's my life. Warriors, Gardians of Ga'Hoole/Wolves of Beyond, Harry Potter, and Inheritance Cycle just to name a couple series I enjoy/enjoyed.
Gaming. Good God it's my life. Some franchises I enjoy are Sonic the Hedgehog, Elder Scrolls, Scribblenauts, Portal, Pokemon, Minecraft/Terraria, World of Warcraft, Super Mario bros., and Sly Cooper just to name a few.
Music goes right behind mah games. My top five would be Owl City, Avenged Sevenfold, Coldplay, Crush 40, and Ghost Town, but I also enjoy the works of Green Day, Three Days Grace, Creature Feature, Linkin Park, Lindsey Stirling, Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, Brand New... I could go on and on <3
I love YouTube. Check my stamps for my favorites this description is getting out of hand cx
Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog= favorite movie,
How I Met Your Mother= favorite TV show
Neil Patrick Harris= favorite man of all time. See a pattern?
I love anime, from Angel Beats to Fruits Basket, from Baka and Test to Panty and Stockings, I love em all. Too many to list oh gosh.
And other times I feel like I should go. by MistyfiesAgain, please feel free to get to know me. I really do struggle with depression, but I like to slap a smile on my face. Ask me anything you like about me cx

Enjoy your stay here! Hope it's warm! vuv


One Frosty Box

Daisypath Friendship tickers

Hoping to fix this background later >w<
Anyways, box dedicated to this girl:
Read! All of you >:U
Jessica, I don't know where to begin. Your boundless talent? Your incredible personality? Your enrapturing friendship? Gah this box is gonna be harder to write than I initially thought...
Anyways, I've known you since the first grade, and I can safely say even through those connection losses I always considered you my best friend. I love all my friends to death, but I love you beyond that <3
You're just the most incredible, most perfect human being I ever met. You may think otherwise, but you'll never be able to change my opinion.
I value our friendship more than anything in the world. If I had to trade everything I owned to be your friend, I would take it no questions asked. (Well, you may have to help me steal my fridge)
You are one of the, if not most talented person I've met. I have never stopped being awestruck and jealous of your artwork <3 I can tell you have such passion, and I can't help but send my highest respects your hand and pen.
I hope you make it through your depression. Doesn't matter who has it worst, I'm always here to talk. Make sure to communicate what's on your mind, I would struggle to hold on if you made the same mistakes I did. You haven't made them yet! Your life is worth so much unlike mine!
You are loved by all of us. NEVER FORGET THAT.

So this whole thing translates to: "I love you to the 4 corners of the universe and beyond"
I could write so much more, but it can be hard to fit this all in.

Love you my friend, never stop being awesome <3

-Alexandra, the Derp in your Herp (as you are the Herp in my Derp vuv)

To-do list

WAFFLES :iconomnomnomnomplz:

Kiriban for KatwolfEclipse of Fargo and the family
Free cat and wolf lineart
Cat and wolf lineart packs

Personal stuff:
:bulletpurple: Re-draw of… WIP
:bulletpurple:Autumn drawing (w/ Neil maybe?)
:bulletpurple: 'Guys night' w/ Dusk, Shadow, Jared, Jubilee, and Indie Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist
:bulletpurple:Girls night? <possibly>
:bulletpurple:Okami/Fruits Basket cross over (Prolly gonna wait for November break to start it ;v; )

Thanks for the consideration! vwv


Other nooks I'm hiding in



Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 8:04 PM

That's right! Thanks to everyone's help, it's happening!


What to draw:
Andrew and I's anniversary is coming up! So as a gift to him, I'm going to compile a collage of YOUR artwork! So your job is to draw Andrew and I together!

Feral references: Darkstar reference sheet 6/16/14 by Darkstar-9-25Andrew ref 2013 by Darkstar-9-25
Anthro references: Darkstar temp anthro ref by Darkstar-9-25Andrew anthro ref 2014 by Darkstar-9-25

As you see on the anthro reference, they have set clothes. If you would like to draw them in something different, such as cosplay or formal, please ask me directly for the clothing!

So basically you'll just be drawing them as lovers! 
Here are some environment IDEAS:
-A park

You do not have to draw a background, but it'll earn you extra points!

    How I will be scoring:
Yep, the most creative entry that also shows much effort will be the winner! But accuracy is extremely crucial as well. Make sure the personalities fit!
So don't go "well I suck at drawing" because skill is only used in the case of a tie.
    Extra points:
You can earn extra points on your entry by doing the following:
-Adding a DETAILED background
-Including the babs The babs by Darkstar-9-25(must be accurate to count)
-Drawing them in a situation that requires different clothes than normal (i.e. a dance, a pool, etc.)
-Anything else that I decide is worthy of bonus points!

The rules:
-Keep it PG-13! NSFW material will be disqualified without question. Minor sexual themes and minimal nudity allowed, but no explicit sexual material or anything showing genitalia. We're minors for God's sake!
-No blood/gore. These are suppose to be sweet, loving pieces. So in other words, no Bonny and Clyde cosplay.
EXCEPTION: There can be MINIMAL blood IF it is a cosplay from a video game such as LoZ, Elder Scrolls, etc.
If it's more than I deem minimal, you'll be given a warning to edit out the gore, or it will be declined.

-Must be in before deadline (listed below) THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS.
-You must draw them as their actual species (cats). No hoomans.
-YOU MUST COMMENT TELLING ME YOU ARE GOING TO ENTER. This helps me keep track of everything. Not enough entrants = no contest. Potential or serious.
(optional) Write a journal or poll about the contest, I need all the signal boost I can get!
(optional) Give a watch to see updates!

The deadline:

         MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2014

Absolutely no extensions, this ends 3 days from our anniversary! I need time to compile everything! Judging will take place after the 25th.

    The prizes:
What's a contest without prizes? There will be 3 places, and 3 honorable mentions. So here we go. (Prizes will be added as donors come forward)

                                                   First Place

                                                                   -600:points: from Darkstar-9-25 
                                           -Fullbody + complex bg (up to 3 characters) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                              -3 fullbodies transparent bg (1 character) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                              -5 headshots (1 character) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                                - 2 free commissions from FrostyKnight 

                                                Second Place

                                                                    -400:points: from Darkstar-9-25 
                                            -Fullbody + simple bg (up to 3 characters) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                             -2 fullbodies transparent bg (1 character) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                            -3 headshots (1 character) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                               -1 free commission from FrostyKnight 

                                                    Third Place

                                                                      -200:points: from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                   -Fullbody + simple bg (1 character) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                   -1 fullbody transparent bg (1 character) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                           -2 headshots (1 character) from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                           -Shaded w/ outline picture from FrostyKnight 
                                                                           -Chibi from ArtsyXander

                                               Honorable Mentions

                                                                            -Chibi from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                                        -Headshot from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                                            -Sketch from Darkstar-9-25 
                                                                     -1 fullbody lineart from FrostyKnight 
                                                                             -Chibi from ArtsyXander 

That's all! And guys, it'd so help me out if I had a signal boost!

                                                                            Thanks again, and have fun!

1. :iconfrostyknight:
2. :iconkatwolfeclipse:
3. :icontuna-kitty:…
4. :iconkaleidoscopial:
5. :iconfantastikitten:    
6. :iconartsyxander:                       


Commission 002 by Nlshka:C: Darkstar9-25 by PakaScooties
Skin by Pinipy. Header by Noxivaga


And other times I feel like I should go. by MistyfiesPoint Commission information
And through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies by Mistyfies PayPal commission information
And other times I feel like I should go. by Mistyfies TOS
Long Pencil Divider by Happbee
Fursuit sleeve fund: $50/$60
Fursuit prop fund: $0/$35
falvie fund: $0/$180
Long Pencil Divider by Happbee
Plushie from Toshiko-paws PAID
Commish from ganbariMASUU PAID
Commish from RiverSpirit456 PAID
Icon from Nemmikins UNPAID 20:points:
Commish from zokia PAID
Commish from dRaWiNgWiThHeArT PAID


Easy Access



My Inspirations:

My amazing real life bros:

My absolutely epic and amzing dA bros:

My NPH supplier: :iconhawkfeather-waveclan:

I LOVE YOU GUYSSS :iconsays2plz:Smudgestar33 Point Commissions 1/3 by Fluffy-RusCan


The Boyfriend Box

By Solarbyte @ FA
Daisypath Anniversary tickers
STAMP... my boyfriend is... by Suzumes-StarHotBF Stamp by EyesofthewindI Love My Boyfriend Stamp by Timesplitter92My Best Friend v2.0 Stamp by RecklessKaiserSTAMP: Gorgeous Boys by GraphriteStamp: Height Love by RottedStamps

God... Where do I begin...
Maybe I'll start with your attributes. You're handsome, cute, intelligent, sweet, outgoing, strong, talented, helpful, polite, affectionate, loving, courageous, loyal, etc xINFINITYYY
Ahem... Anyways...
About a year ago I sat alone in History class. Late September a group project was initiated, and I was placed at a table of boys. There was one specific boy that caught my attention. His name was Andrew. Throughout the rest of the year I developed a crush, and my love for him developed with our friendship. We had endless similarities, he defended me whenever I was "bullied", and he was just a very sensible young man. Soon enough he was the only thing on my mind.
Fast forward to September 24th, 2013. With the help of a friend I found out that he felt the same way.
September 25th, 2013. He found out about my feelings.
The happiness that had been missing for years returned.
Andrew, my love for you grows more and more each waking moment, you're all that is on my mind and I just constantly want to be near you.
Whenever we cuddle I feel so safe, whenever we kiss I feel that if the world around us has frozen to watch true love unfold. I will never forget our first kiss.
Most everyone thinks it immature to believe you will marry your first love, but I think different. We are already at high level of maturity as we have discussed, which is both a curse and a blessing.
I will be by your side forever and beyond. Anyone and anything that tries to come between us or tell us otherwise, it won't work.
The love that binds our souls together is far too strong.
I could write so much more, but it is the night and I grow tired. I hope I am able to communicate the rest of my thoughts through my actions.
I love you honey bear. You are the love of my life, my soulmate, and better half :heart:



Don't thank me for favorites/watches/llamas please! You're welcome!
Also, I often don't respond to anything. Rarely respond to comments on my works and I rarely comment on deviations. I'm awfully sorry, I just get behind on these things! But more than often I don't know how to respond~ I just really appreciate everything people say to me! <3


I really love Skitties and Noiverns

I also really love NPH. Sort of unhealthy. So have him as Dr. Horrible doing a lil' dance vuv


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